World War IV – Endgames Official Trailer Released

The official trailer of World War IV – Endgames is out. Check out the trailer: World War IV – Endgames is a text-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game where you role-play as a citizen who have survived the World War 3. Choose among the remaining 8 powerhouse countries – USA, UK, United Europe, United Middle East, Japan, Russia, China…

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Stock Market Module Ready For Live Action

world war iv endgames stock market

The Stock Market Module is now complete in the World War IV – Endgames. As per Anuradha Bhandari, Project Manager at WWIV, stock data are refreshed once every 15 seconds, and stock market data are generated on a sequence based on algorithm of real market datas and are created “on the go!”. Stock datas are however patterned closely to…

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