Story This Week: USA signs NAP with India, launches attack on China!

It had been a stressful week last week with the United States and India fighting continually, nonstop for more than 120 hours.

The fighters were completely exhausted, resources completely depleted; and in the meantime, China, the next big country had been silently preparing for the big war. China swept away all the states of United Europe, and now slowly advances to conquer the United Kingdom!

The President of USA – Silent and the President of India – Everest, made a NAP to hold on their personal grudges, to fight together against the tyranny of China.

Japan had been badly hit by both the US and India. Japan chooses to not side any countries, but to get their own lands back from the Indian dictators.

United Kingdom on the other hand already has Nuke, Advanced Defense System, and has a strong tie with both US and India. Can China take down all three giants alliance?