Asterisk Technology Launches World War 4 – Endgames | Early Access now Live On Google Play Store

April 16, 2021 – West Jordan, Utah – Today, Asterisk Technology, LLC, a newly emerging game development company, has launched World War 4 – Endgames, a dystopian text-based online multiplayer role-playing game, on Android platform via Google Play Store.

The game is set in the year 2030, following an aftermath of World War 3 where you are one of the survivors.  With New World Order in place, now only eight powerhouse countries remain – USA, UK, United Europe, United Middle East, China, India, Japan, and Russia – still fighting for a single unified government.

Individual players role-play as one of the survivors of WW3, wherein they can work once every 4 hours, train once every 2 hours, choose among various careers of businessmen / army / worker / politician, produce different raw materials / processed goods / finished goods, export/import goods for profits, invest in stock market, gather strengths and equip weapons, and ultimately fight for their country for total world domination.

Main Features:

  • A survivalist approach to the game play with each Season ending in 100 days. 
  • Team management and development of team work for total world domination.
  • Appropriate management of different types of resources (raw, processed, finished goods) for economic domination.
  • Stock market based on real market data, helping players understand stock market volatility better, with fresh data passed every 10 seconds.

World War 4 – Endgames Early Access is now available on Google Play Store, and can be downloaded via this Google Play Store link: