Early Access Exclusive – Get Free 10 Keys by fighting in Practice Battles

World War IV – Endgames is not a Pay-to-Win game, meaning you won’t be able to buy Gold at all. This makes every player in the same class category.

You can work only once every 4 hours, so wondering how do you gather lots of Gold to create different companies and get a heads-up start in the game?

Well, its the Practice Battles! Practice Battles for Early Access players will not be so much congested, meaning it would give you good opportunity to collect lots, and with lots, we mean LOTS of Keys!

Practice Battles are available to fight with one round lasting 15 minutes, and in this 15-minute timeframe, my friend, is where you can get a maximum of 10 Keys.

If you ask me why are keys important, well Keys are the way to getting lots of free stuffs – Pistol, Bread, Protein Shakes, Machine Guns, Rifle, Bazookas, Cottages, you name it – all you can get if you are lucky enough!

Just collect lots of Keys, and “Spin” to get respective rewards.

*Note: It costs 20 Keys to open a Bronze Chest, 200 Keys to open a Silver Chest, and 500 Keys to open a Gold Chest, and you can’t get precious gifts such as Bazookas, Cottage, Apartment, etc. by spinning the Bronze Chest (Check Info Stats before you spin!)